Infusion 51a launched disruptive cancer awareness campaign with over 50 local students across the streets of Dubai

Based on the premise that “there is a person behind each diagnosis,” #FACESNOTNUMBERS is a campaign that seeks to humanize statistics by portraying the experiences of those affected by cancer in a unique way.

Dateline: DUBAI, UAE – 15.08.2022: Statistically, one in every three people globally will at some point in their lifetime be diagnosed with cancer. It’s a scary thought, looking around your family unit or group of friends and knowing that the odds are against us. 

Oftentimes medical practitioners and others in this industry get so caught up in these statistics, they forget that behind that number is a real person. This campaign was a chance for some of those people to have a voice and share their story, an opportunity to say loudly that patients are a collection of inspiring moments and not cold numbers on a chart.

Over 50 high school students in Dubai gathered to honor the journey of survivors and late patients of ages ranging from newborn babies to 50+ adults and everything in between.

Student volunteer at the stunt

The volunteers wore masks with numbers on them to represent how patients get invisibilized behind a digit. They marched around Kite Beach, Dubai Design District (D3), and City Walk (all city landmarks), holding banners displaying patients’ stories, which drew curious glances and surprised locals and tourists all along.

Volunteers at Kite Beach
Volunteers at Kite Beach

Infusion 51a leadership has been meeting investors, physicians and key medical policy-makers around the UAE over the last month and decided to share the message with the public on the streets of the city. 

Mehrab Ajalli and Jeff Stephens at the location of the stunt
Mehrab Ajalli and Jeff Stephens at the location of the stunt

Jeff Stephens, General Partner at Infusion51a, says: “We chose Dubai as it is a visionary city and innovation hub like no other! Coming out here we were able to do a campaign that aims to really make a difference. In this industry, people get too focused on questions like “What are the numbers? What are the statistics?” This needs to change!”

Scott VanderMeer, General Partner, added: “Every patient, every family, every caregiver we speak to has a cancer story. They struggle, they suffer and the #FACESNOTNUMBERS campaign was a way we could spotlight, share and ultimately honor stories of people that are affected.”

Scott VanderMeer at the location of the stunt
Scott VanderMeer at the location of the stunt

“As we’re working to advance innovate and move this entire industry forwards, seeing these stories shared helps us to remember who we’re doing this for and keep us motivated as we advocate for change on a mission to save the world,” added Mehrab Ajalli, Director of Strategic Growth MENA region. 


Infusion51a is an international impact investment fund working alongside biotechnology companies that are developing cancer treatments that have the ability to save millions of lives. As an organization, it’s their responsibility to find investors that are aligned with the values and missions of these biotech innovators, and connect the two together. 

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