Infusion 51a Executives Participate in the 5th Annual Combined Gulf Cancer Conference in Sharjah, UAE

Sharjah, UAE, November 23rd, 2022 – Infusion 51a, an impact investment fund based in the US in its fourth trip to the Middle East this year, attended on November 21-23 the 5th Annual Combined Gulf Cancer Conference (CGCC) in JRCC, Sharjah.

The conference, which focuses on the cancer spectrum in the Gulf region, was hosted by Friends of Cancer Patients, a non-profit organization founded in 1999, in partnership with The Gulf Federation for Cancer Control and Gulf Center for Cancer Control & Prevention.

The objectives of CGCC aimed for:

  • Evaluating the current state of cancer burden and cancer control programs & management in the Gulf Region.
  • Analyzing the opportunities and gaps in order to enhance cancer care continuum in the Gulf Region.
  • Improving the cancer control & management of care to impact population’s outcomes through prioritizing interventions across the cancer continuum.
  • Highlighting civil society role in enhancing cancer care continuum spectrum in the Gulf Region.

Mr. Scott VanderMeer, General Partner at Infusion 51a, commented about the event: “It’s easy for companies and funds to say that we’re impact-oriented, but actually getting involved in activities that put patients first is our priority. Making a difference in the lives of cancer patients and of other tough-to-treat diseases has been Infusion 51a’s mission. To hear the Regions mission in getting individuals to get screening over the last two decades has been an amazing journey because the educational outreach the cancer community put together.”

Mr. Mehrab Ajalli, Director of Strategic Growth in the MENA Region, added: “It’s inspiring to see so many specialists in different areas working together for the same goal. We’re thankful for every time we have the opportunity to better understand the scope of our actions and how they could impact the quality of life of cancer patients and survivors alike.”

For the fourth time this year, Infusion 51a’s US leadership is on a business trip in the Middle East. Mr. VanderMeer and Mr. Ajalli will be in different cities in the UAE and Saudi Arabia to attend further meetings and conferences during November and early December.

Upcoming events and locations

  • Conrad Etihad Towers – Emirates Oncology Conference (Nov 26) | Abu Dhabi
  • International Indo-Arab Conference in Medicine 2022 (Nov 27) (Invited by his HE Ahmed Elmetwally) | Dubai
  • Hosting meetings (Nov 28-30) | Dubai
  • Hosting meetings (Dec 2-6) | Saudi Arabia

Infusion 51a expanded its operations to the Middle East during the first quarter of 2022 and has been working closely with top-tier institutions to bolster healthcare technology in the Region. If you would like to have an in-person meeting with them to learn how Infusion 51a can help you, click here.

About Infusion 51a

Infusion 51a is an impact investment fund focused on Healthcare and Biotech while leveraging the booming industry of Precision Technology. Precision Technology is a turning point within the Healthcare sector, with digital technologies and artificial intelligence leading to unprecedented opportunities for drug discovery and development. The fund has several oncological assets under management derived from its diversified portfolio of clinical-stage companies. For further information, please visit or email

About the Annual Combined Gulf Cancer Conference

In partnership with The Gulf Federation for Cancer Control and Gulf Center for Cancer Control & Prevention, Friends of Cancer Patients hosted the 5th Annual Combined Gulf Cancer Conference.

This scientific conference addresses the care spectrum for Cancer in the Gulf Region, help analyze the current situation and highlight the best practices to move forward in order to improve the standard of care across the continuum of cancer control. Addressing all these topics and more, this conference hosts different prominent international speakers, scientist, and researchers.

For more information, please visit