A disruptive campaign to remember that,

behind every cancer statistic,

there is a human story.

A disruptive campaign to remember that, behind every cancer statistic, there is a human story.

Based on the premise “there is a person behind each diagnosis,” the #FacesNotNumbers campaign seeks to humanize statistics through thoughtful narratives faithfully portraying cancer patients, family members, and caregivers’ experiences.

With a global approach, the campaign includes volunteers from all around the world and also addresses how cancer looks at every age, and in different social and economic contexts.

The launching campaign event took place last August 13th, 2022, in Dubai, where over 50 high school students volunteered to honor cancer survivors and late fighters alike.

The volunteers wore masks with numbers on them to represent how patients get invisibilized behind a digit. They marched around Kite Beach, Dubai Design District (D3), and City Walk (all city landmarks), holding banners displaying patients’ stories, which surprised locals and tourists all along.

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