Infusion 51a pursues investment opportunities by identifying public and private companies with forward-thinking technologies experiencing operational, organizational, and/or financial impediments. We strive to empower those companies and provide them with capital- and network-based solutions to foster capability and growth. Our current emphasis is in life sciences and bio-pharmaceutical firms, with a particular focus on the precision medicine sector. We work with both public and private companies at inflection points in their development. Our team can help remove impediments to success through a wide variety of tactics and capabilities. Learn more about our methods of value addition here.



Infusion 51a was founded in 2015 to focus on advancing under-appreciated technologies and businesses. This vision was inspired by our co-founder and colleague, Dr. Joseph Rubinfeld, an internationally regarded veteran of the biopharmaceutical industry, whose life’s work was devoted to investing in people, teams, and assets that have changed how we live.




Infusion 51a was co-founded by Dr. Joseph Rubinfeld, a titan of the life sciences industry and a man with whom we are honored to be associated. Dr. Rubinfeld co-founded both SuperGen and Amgen, and led the innovation teams that invented Amoxicillin, Cefadroxil, biodegradable detergent, and a process that shorted Polaroid film development time significantly.

Dr. Rubinfeld’s capacity for innovation spanned many business sectors, and his contributions to those fields bettered the lives of consumers and patients across the globe. We consider Dr. Rubinfeld a central inspiration for everything we do at Infusion 51a, and we hope to continue his legacy and honor his memory through our work.